Croydon is a fantastic borough - and it's the place I've lived in all my life. I'm humbled and proud to be the Conservative Candidate for Mayor of Croydon in 2022. The Labour Council is not listening to Croydon, but I want to change that. I want to listen to you as I create my plan for Croydon. I want to hear from you about the issues you find important, like planning, crime and housing.

So please fill out my survey here, and let me know how YOU think we can improve our borough.

- Jason Perry
Conservative Candidate for Mayor of Croydon

Jason Perry: Listening to Croydon

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Do you think Croydon Council listens to you?
Have you ever contributed to a Croydon Council consultation?
Did you feel like your views in the consultation were taken into account?
Have you reported any issues to the Council recently?
Was your issue responded to?
How many times did you have to report your issue before you got a response?
And was your issue resolved?