^ ABOVE: ITV News Report on Croydon's Tram Turmoil

Croydon's trams are a vital piece of infrastructure, providing fast transport from remote areas like New Addington to the centre of Croydon.

Over the past few months, the tram services have experienced many disruptions, culminating in a significantly reduced service across the tram network, but specifically from New Addington to Reeves Corner. Whilst this reduction has been attributed to servicing the tramlines and damaged wheels, fundamentally this is as a result of the lack of investment in rolling tram stock over many years. This is an issue I have raised on multiple occasions in the past, including in my meeting with the TfL Commissioner, Andy Lord, last year.

That's why I have written to Sadiq Khan to ask him to provide residents with an urgent update on when these issues with the trams will be fixed. I have also requested that he meet with me in person to discuss the future of our tram network. Please sign my petition below so that I can show just how many residents are affected by the lack of service.

The expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone, which I opposed, has led to many residents relying more frequently on public transport. The income raised from the expansion should now be invested in local transport infrastructure in the immediate term, prioritising the tram service given the lack of investment.

Sadiq Khan - End Croydon's Tram Turmoil!

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